The actuator is composed of two half-castings and of a throttle, being proof against most corrosive  agents.
 It can be fed by:
 - compressed air;
 - water, water solutions or emulsion;
 - hydraulic oils.
 The maximun admitted pressure is 20 bar and it can run with a temperature break between -20°C and  +60°C in the standard model and up to 120°C for the HT model.

 Actuators can be supplied with:

 - 90°, 120°, 180°, rotary angles;
 - a series of accessories such as position stroke-end switches, emergency manual actuation, electrovalves  fitted on the actuator body, external mechanical stroke-end, oleodynamic electropump fitted on the  actuator, simple acting system, special shaft outlets.
 Teh absence of intermediate Kinematic motions makes it pratically free from maintenance.
 The fitting is possible in any positions.


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