Position stroke-end switches in a tin box
For the indiction of position or stoke-end.
M2 A = Electric
M2 AIP = Electric all protection IP54----- M2 B= Pneumatico
M2 H2O = Electric-all protection --------- M2 M = Magnetico
Electrovalve to be directly fitted on the rotary actuator
Particolarly suitable for those installations with remote controls and requiring the lowest possible number of tubes
Un solenoide:
a) monostabile posizione diseccitato
b) monostabile posizione con segnale permanente
Due solenoidi:
c) bistabile posizione con impulso in Z
c) bistabile posizione con impulso in Y
Regulable mechanical stoke-end
To be used when you wish to have the certainty to reach a positive stop.
Only for "S" models 5.4 - 5.8 - 5.18 - 7.4 - 7.8 - 7.18 - 10.2 - 10.4 - 10.8
to pneumatic drive
Manual rotation driver
For emergency intervention in case of lack of fluid in pressure
(with reducer for mod. *18 - *32 - *60).
Actuation by compact version electropump fitted on the actuator
Particularly suitable for angular actuations where pressure sources are not available such as automatic gates, remote control valves actuation, feeders, etc.
Pneumatic positioner for propotional acting
The device positioner is particularly suitable to govern rotary actuators; used on butterfly or ball valves
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