A lot of solutions permit to achieve rotary movements: racks piston system, crank and slotted link, mechanical transmission cylinder, etc.
They are however solutions having different parts moving, with corresponding higher possibilities of damages, and having a noteworthy dimensioning.
Thanks to a considerable research and to the continuous cooperation with customers, we tried to reduce to essential the dimensioning and moving parts.
We planned (patenting it) and built a rotary actuator that, born to operate throttle and ball valves, proved particulary up to be used wherever a 90°, 120°, 180° rotary actuation was needful.



The functional concept is the very simple one of T lever, on which it is directly applied the thrust of the feeding fluid, without dispersive motion transformations.
This allowed to realize constant torques all the actuation long, keeping characteristics of extreme compactness.
The basic element that allowed us this kind of achievement is the seal system (patented), composed of a resilient static gasket, vulcanized directly in the casted body of the actuator, able to offer a total absence of drainage and the possibility to be fed both by air and by liquids.

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